7 StandOut Workouts

60 to 90 Minute Options


Identify stories that will influence an audience’s interpretation of your facts and make your messages more memorable.

Presenting for Non-Sales Professionals

Improve corporate messaging by communicating your company’s value — and your role in it — to all audiences.

Building Executive Presence

Build confidence with peers and management by polishing your interpersonal communication.

First Impressions

Develop a personal value statement and turn it into your own stand out introduction.

Managing Q&A

Advance your effectiveness by knowing when to stop talking and practicing how to really listen.

Leading Virtual Meetings

Identify skills to engage your audience, energize the conversation, and manage Q&A.

Participating on a Panel

Identify a strategic approach to selecting content and learn to effectively manage Q&A.

Ready for a StandOut Workout?

See how much we pack into 60 – 90 minutes. Combine two or three Workouts together to address development needs, sales styles or personalities. Do you present virtually? Call to set up a “virtual workout.”