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The StandOut Workshops

Presentation Skills

Our core workshop is a crash course in how “people” are the real power in a presentation — on stage, in person and in the workplace. Learn how to command authority and bring your audience into the conversation.


Sales Presentation Skills

In competitive environments, the best presenters win. This workshop is tailored exclusively to “Sales.” Designed for sales professionals, it’s also valuable for anyone who “touches” customers.


Ambassador Training

Imagine everyone in your organization was a master at showcasing what makes you valuable? The “Ambassador Workshop” helps people present who you are and what you do in memorable ways.


Presenting Change

Streamline and simplify how you communicate “change.” Learn how to approach “change,” its disruptions, its uncertainties — and its opportunities! Create an action plan that will make change ‘positive.’


Add Coaching to any of the StandOut Workshops

Coaching is available for individuals and teams

Solidify the skills you learn in the Workshops. Coaching accelerates improvement, adds personal observation and provides individual strategies for the unique situations of a given business or organization. Our coaches can even be available for scheduled real-world pep-talks before presentation opportunities. Call or email us to discuss your needs.

Become a StandOut Presenter — Everywhere


On Stage

Step into the spotlight with confidence, new skills and powerful insights.


Virtual Presenting

Turn convenience into advantage and get professional about virtual meetings.


Small Group

Command attention in the boardroom and during sales presentations.



Influence important decision-makers and influence your career.

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Secrets & Strategies
for Great Presentations

Key Points of Value – Highlighted by Real Participants


Avoid Common Presentation Mistakes



Using Physical Motion to Stimulate Mental Motion



Turn Credibility into Confidence.



We Practiced the Skills and Got Immediate Feedback!



Applications to Business and Far Beyond



Beyond Motivational! People were engrossed.


A Stimulating Blend of Strategy, Style and Smarts!

Make your own presentations look effortless. Learn the secrets of the great communicators.

Understand their tools and techniques.

Become a Better Speaker & Presenter

Video Titles

  • Preparing Your Content
  • Strategic Storytelling
  • Managing Q&A
  • Know Your Audience
  • Lead Virtual Meetings
  • Open for Attention. Close for Action.
  • Use Visualization – Create a Sense of What Can Be
  • Improve Your Sales Presence
  • Winning Their Attention
  • Remove Credibility Crushers
  • Calm Your Nerves – 5 Secrets
  • Motivate and Mobilize Action

Become a High Performance Presenter.