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Dana Band


An expert in performance-based coaching where people literally experiment with new techniques, gain insight into personal presentation habits and practice the skills required to become truly “Standout Presenters” on-stage and in-person.  Career highlights include: Responsible for sales training at Xerox North America  for ten years after honing master-level skills as a presentation training consultant and instructor at the world-famous Dale Carnegie Corporation. Her focus on personal training and development started as a guide for 1-30 day adventure-based team-building. She earned her master’s degree in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Kathryn Legath

Kathryn Legath

StandOut Facilitator and Coach

Audiences love Kathryn because she walks the talk. Kathryn’s experience spans business development, communications and training in industries from consumer-processed goods to healthcare and life sciences consulting. She led Sales Learning and Development for Campbell Soup North America. And was the Sales and training director at Brooks Brothers, exceeding targets by over 30%, which produced $100 million in annual revenue.

She is a calculated risk-taker who guides organizations and teams to perform at their highest potential, accomplish their goals, and deliver business results.

Kathryn is also the founder of Bedford Street Strategies, a leader in achieving high performance results for organizations through: strategic planning, business development and performance management. She earned her Bachelor’s in English and Communications from the University of Pittsburgh.

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Kara Reester

StandOut Facilitator and Coach

Kara shows organizations how to deliver messages that connect and stick. A dynamic workshop leader, she coaches sales and executive teams to communicate with intention and interest. She has worked with organizations in technology, healthcare, manufacturing and human resource industries. Having rolled up her sleeves in operations and planning, Kara has a keen awareness of business challenges and the vital role personal presentations and human communication plays in overcoming them. She conducts workshops to develop communication techniques that drive strategic initiatives such as sales, targeted growth and organizational unity.

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Megan Fisher

Change Management Facilitator and Coach

Megan is a change management and organizational development consultant with over 15 years experience leading large scale change projects. She’s worked for Fortune 500 clients in Utilities, Chemical, Products (B2B and Consumer) and Services sectors. A decade with Accenture in Management Consulting polished her abilities to lead training, communications, business readiness and sponsorship efforts. She leads workshops for organizations confronted with managing and influencing the success of change. She holds an MBA from Loyola University of Chicago.

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Dina Poole - Dana Band Group Bio

Dina  Poole

Presentation Lab Coordinator

In short, Dina gets things done — even when wearing two or three hats at a time. She coordinates our online Presentation Lab, communicates with our website community and manages the daily activities at the Dana Band Group.  Her extensive experience in business operations and budget management keeps us running smoothly by managing the dozens of distracting tasks that confront small business owners every day.  Dina’s organizational skills, attention to detail, and bookkeeping expertise allows our consultants, trainers and coaches to focus on serving our clients, growing the business and running our busy workshops. She is a proud Spartan with a BA from Michigan State University.

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Fast / Efficient

We work fast. And so will you. We guarantee ‘Aha’ moments and head-shaking insights as you move toward a more confident-you.

Veteran Speakers

We “speak” from experience and model all of the skills we teach. Participants learn and practice strategies for speaking in any situation.

Agile & Energetic

Learn to use your knowledge and experience to make yourself “agile and energetic” when presenting. Learn to use movement to create interest and connections.

Purposeful & Practical

Everyone on our team brings a business background to presenting. You’ll find us goal-obsessed, quick with advice and encouraging. We help people become their best presenter.

Pitch Perfect Presentations Can be Yours

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