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We applaud your adaptation to virtual format, in both content and delivery.

The energy and collaborative flow provided an effective boost to the evening sessions and made an impression on our own team, as well as the students.

And boy, did students learn! They applied your techniques in presentations they gave. They are well prepared for both their current professional work and their upcoming professional work.

The University of Pennsylvania

We are a buzz with appreciation!
Thank you so much for your terrific work with our leaders…they were awesome!

children’s hospital of Philadelphia

This audience knew me so it was a good test of the new approach using your tools.

I used a storytelling opening and immediately people’s eyes lit up. It was unexpected and they were interested. I felt more comfortable than I ever have as I did not feel forced or that I needed to “memorize facts or statements”.

I received applause and heard a few “great introduction” shouts from the crowd.

Thank you for the new tools and I can honestly say, at least for me, they worked magnificently.
Local Media Development Director


We cannot thank you enough for the time you have spent with our team. The results have been incalculable.

The confidence and toolbox you have given the team has been spectacular!
Senior Executive Director & Principal Gifts Officer

Abramson Cancer Center

Dana’s team takes you from Strategic to Smart!

They do what they teach. Even veteran sales professionals and executives will gain valuable skills in these Workshops. With Dana’s team, you’re in the Major Leagues of communication.

Campbell’s Soup Company

Dana’s training was spectacular! I’m certain that my team will see increased results as an outcome!

Her energy and enthusiasm was contagious and her “coaching” approach with each rep was very effective. It was as if each rep had a personal trainer to help them overcome the areas they were struggling with. Lastly, the format was the best I’ve seen, in that it forced the reps to apply what they learned right away and recieve immediate feedback on their skills. I would definitely hire Dana again!


Fully Delivered on the Value Proposition

I wanted to tell you that I really appreciated the opportunity to attend your “Presentation Skills” session. You not only met, but exceeded my expectations. What impressed me most was that you fully delivered on the value proposition that you offered at the very beginning of the course (the ability to improve and change participant behavior). Well done!

Procter and Gamble

From the get-go, you can tell Dana has a ton of experience and skills.

She works hard to give you personal advice, and not just blanket-type statements. She has a dynamic personality and clearly knows what works in all kinds of settings. Without her guidance in public presentation—I don’t think I could be where I am today.

Jefferson University Hospital

I used your training in my marathon of customer visits this week… and they went great!

I developed three points to keep on task and used an opening to explain why we were meeting and closed the meeting with action items. Less information is definitely more and the conversation flowed so much better than wingin’ it!

Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Today’s session was great.  If someone had described the lessons we’d learn, I would have said that they were self-evident and didn’t warrant training. And I would have been wrong.

Dana and Kara put together an enjoyable, practical and effective way to illustrate the techniques for quality businessnetworking that should be useful to everyone who attended.


Thank you for presenting at this morning’s WICT event.  You were awesome –

Loved your energy and enthusiasm about the topic.