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The StandOut Workshops

Signature StandOut Presentation Skills
Gone Virtual


This workshop embodies all the traditional skills of a StandOut presenter, now in a virtual environment.

Learn to master intention and confidence. Tear away the myths that restrain and dull presentations (and presenters). It’s time to move confidently into the spotlight. Live demonstrations and exercises anchor this workshop.


  • Learn a process to prepare for a variety of presentation opportunities
  • Apply a model to organize and prioritize your material
  • Use stories to make presentations more vivid and memorable
  • Engage your audience. Hold their attention. Gain their buy-in.
  • Use visualizing to clarify ideas, boost retention and enhance understanding
  • Deliver strong openings that grab your audience’s attention
  • Close in memorable ways that inspire and spark action
  • Increase your confidence speaking in front of VIAs (Very Important Audiences)
Presenting Change


We need to adapt to this new environment to stay successful. Support yourself, your team and your organization.

Leaders need to lead in a new way, employees need to work differently, and organizations need to be flexible in providing new work environments for their staff to succeed. This is more than a morale boost its tangible skills to make that morale sustainable.

This workshop will give you and your team the 5 skills you need to navigate change.


  • Ease anxiety around change and get past the fear
  • Drive headfirst into change and learn from it
  • Understand how change can benefit us and how we can grow from it
  • Identify how we present ourselves in times of change 
Sales Presentation Skills


Presentations are the cornerstone of any sales process. And sales is the front line of business competition where the best presenter usually wins. From generating interest to asking for the order, this workshop builds strong resilient sales muscles. Whether it’s a client meeting, product demo or a phone call, you will learn how to hold interest, emphasize value and amplify advantage in memorable ways. We tailor the workshop to all products, services and industries.


  • Learn a process to prepare for sales presentations
  • Use strategic sales stories to make presentations more memorable
  • Engage your audience and gain their buy-in to win business
  • Use visualization to create a sense of what could be with a new product
  • Deliver strong openings that grab your a client’s or prospect’s attention
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Close to position yourself for the next step in the sales cycle
  • Increase your confidence speaking in front of important audiences
Ambassador Training


Want to increase sales activity? Leverage your entire staff. From specific products and services to entire brands, we teach non-sales staff how to start conversations, build referrals and willingly assume more responsibility for growing the business. Everyone has a role to play in business development. This workshop guides ALL employees to communicate a consistent message (not just the sales team) that differentiates themselves from the competition and drives a revenue stream of new business referrals.


  • Start a conversation and generate interest with a new prospect
  • Generate new prospects and referrals
  • Represent your organization with credibility and confidence

Coaching Options

Add Coaching to Your Workshop

Want more time with a coach? Need a coach on-demand for your team? We have three, six and twelve month engagements. Whether your team is 6 people or 60, we can configure a solution that will fit you, your team and your specific needs. Let us help you strengthen your presentation muscles.


  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • 12 Months

Interviewing Skills

virtual interviewing workshop


This workshop helps interviewees present themselves at their best. No matter where you are in your career interviewing can be stressful. Having a plan and practicing are key to securing the best position for you.

*Our team has a expertise in interviewing for medical school and residency interviews


  • Develop a strategy to suggest your strongest attributes

  • Prepare to effectively articulate your answers

  • Demonstrate a professional answer to showcase your strengths

  • Increase your confidence in a professional interview 

For Organizations

We highlight tools and demonstrate skills.

We work with teams in Sales, Executive Leadership, Management, Customer Service, Development and Fundraising, Public Relations and Education. We believe in learning by doing which means we work primarily with small groups where we identify tools, tear down myths and open doors that streamline sales, command attention, improve clarity, provoke interest and underscore expertise — all while doing a little entertaining.

We are a rapid-response team for organizations who want to capitalize on the power of human communication.

Our Workshops are ideally suited for the modern business environment where everyone has the responsibility of being a spokesperson for a brand. Whether presenting in a boardroom, on stage or one-on-one, our StandOut Workshops help people present with purpose and passion.

For Individuals

Every employee wants to command attention and respect.

And there is no better way to do that than to communicate one’s expertise with confidence. Whether you’re educating or explaining, persuading or pitching, most people who assume the responsibility for presenting have expertise, but in some way lack a little confidence. Some might be a little timid, others might have genuine anxiety about even one-on-one or small group engagements. Our StandOut Workshops dramatically reduce these fundamental issues. We help people turn their competence into confidence.

Understand your audience like never before

Each audience is unique, but in most situations where you are “presenting” your audience wants you to succeed, not fail. You will learn to see audience as fans, not critics. Participants will learn to see their audience from a completely different perspective — one that doesn’t just reduce fears, but increases optimism and confidence. We pack a lot into each session and our track record for immediate skill development is best described by participants in their own words.

Put Presentation Power to Work

Our culture is built around our enthusiasm for building stand out presenters.