The StandOut Workshops

StandOut Presentation
Master Class

Master the Skills of StandOut Presenters

This workshop embodies all the traditional skills of a StandOut presenter.  We will build a customized program for your team.  Pick and choose the communication elements that will drive your team to peak performance.


  • Learn a process to prepare for a variety of presentations
  • Apply our proven StandOut Method to organize and prioritize your material
  • Use stories to make presentations more vivid and memorable
  • Engage your audience. Hold their attention. Gain their buy-in.
  • Use visualizing to clarify ideas, boost retention and enhance understanding
  • Deliver strong openings that grab your audience’s attention
  • Close in memorable ways that inspire and spark action
  • Increase your confidence speaking in front of VIAs (Very Important Audiences)

Sales Presentation Skills

Improve Your Pitch

From generating interest to asking for the order, this workshop builds strong sales skills – hold interest, emphasize value and amplify advantage in memorable ways.


  • Learn a process to prepare for sales presentations
  • Use strategic sales stories to make presentations more memorable
  • Engage your audience and gain their buy-in to win business
  • Use visualization to create a sense of what could be with a new product
  • Deliver strong openings that grab your a client’s or prospect’s attention
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Close to position yourself for the next step in the sales cycle
  • Increase your confidence speaking in front of important audiences

Presenting Data

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Let Your Numbers Speak

Communicate the storyline of the numbers. Trends. Contrast. Scale. Pace. Pattern. Numbers have a lot to say.


  • Develop proficiency in Data Visualization
  • Present meaningful insights and conclusions
  • Convey complex data in a clear and concise manner
  • Cultivate storytelling with data
  • Provide the right level of context for your data
  • Identify and deliver your key priorities
  • Make recommendations with confidence

High Quality Connections
in the Workplace

Reengage & Reconnect

Breakdown communication barriers and pump up the level of workplace engagement. This workshop will drive the value of connection and promote active communication and workplace efficiency.


  • Recognize the value of workplace engagement
  • Identify areas of engagement
  • Strategize to engage
  • Identify your audience’s priorities
  • Apply the StandOut relationship principles
  • Build an engagement plan

Establishing Your Executive Presence

virtual interviewing workshop

Confidence and Clarity

This program will assist individuals and teams to present themselves in a manner that increases their confidence and presence in front of a variety of audiences.


  • Increase personal presence (focusing on what you say, how you sound and what you do)
  • Be self-aware of what you say, how you sound and what you do
  • Use stories to enhance your presence and leadership skills to build credibility and influence  
  • Prepare for unexpected “fly-by” presentations/conversations
  • Breakdown barriers when speaking to VIAs (Very Important Audiences)

Harnessing your Voice

virtual interviewing workshop

A Guide to Powerful Communication

Harness your unique communication style and deliver with your authentic voice.  We will give you the tools and techniques to communicate with impact, authenticity and confidence.


  • Learn to use your voice as a powerful tool to convey messages with confidence and clarity
  • Master your vocal techniques to modulate, project and set a pace that will keep your audience’s attention
  • Develop a commanding presence that resonates with authority and authenticity.
  • Overcome common voice-related concerns
  • Express emotions with precision, from empathy to enthusiasm

Put Presentation Power to Work

Our culture is built around our enthusiasm for building stand out presenters.

Build Your Own Custom Workout Pack

9 StandOut Workouts — Transformed for the Virtual World

60-90 Minute Options Available

Running Productive Virtual Meetings

Sick of getting nothing done during a meeting.  Use our proprietary model to help spent less time in meetings and get more done.

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Inspire Your Team to Overcome Change

To be a great communicator you need to have the right attitude. How do we find the motivation and actual tools to overcome the challenges of today?  Hear Jimmy McGeehan’s personal story of trauma to triumph!

strategic storytelling

Strategic Storytelling

Audiences pay attention and remember stories before they remember facts and figures. Deliver stories throughout your presentation to persuade and influence your audience to take action.

delivering data virtually

Delivering Data

Are you presenting in meetings going through tons of data? Be more effective and bring that data to life with the StandOut tools.
change in a virtual world

Communicating Change in a Virtual World

Help you and your team ease anxiety around change and get past the fear. Work through current change with a systematic approach and present our best selves in times of change.

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Your Brand Gone Virtual

Your brand experience needs to captivate your audience no matter where they happen to be. Create and establish your brand in a virtual environment.


virtual meeting bootcamp

Virtual Presentation Bootcamp

Get up to speed fast using the delivery tools available using your company’s virtual platform and get your audience engaged!


better visuals fast

Better Visuals Fast

Using your current PowerPoint slides, apply the StandOut PowerPoint Guidelines and be amazed at how quickly you can make an even bigger impact on your audience.


Engaging Your Audience in a Virtual World

Does your audience have Zoom fatigue?  We will teach you how to actively and strategically engage your audience and get their buy-in.


Talk With Us to Discuss Options

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