The Credibility Factor

There are a variety of ways to establish your organizational and personal credibility.  One of the most visible and effective ways to demonstrate your credibility is with a presentation. Unfortunately, out of the gate this year I have seen too may people present...

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I Want to Be Tom Brady

Living in Philadelphia, I hear a lot of, “Ugh, I am so bored of Tom Brady and the Patriots.”  Really?  You don’t enjoy watching an athlete who has devoted his whole life to being one of the best athletes there is?  An athlete who consistently performs and excels?  I...

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Tis the Season for the FlyBy

Noun: FlyBy The thoughtful, brief exchange of ideas by spoken words. Synonyms: Chat, short presentation, purposeful small talk, brief conversation. Examples: I was walking downtown and had a FlyBy with an old friend to update her on my latest job. At the party I had a...

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Lean In and Move Up

On Tuesday, October 23rd, The Wall Street Journal published an entire section on Women in the Workplace. One particular article caught my eye: Women are Leaning In, Now Companies Need to Lean in Too, by Sheryl Sandburg (COO of Facebook and Author of Lean In) and...

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Swaying the Skeptics

Your typical presentation tactics aren’t connecting with everyone in your audience. Need a quick fix to sway the skeptics?  Tell a story. Stories aren’t just about entertainment. In a business setting, stories can make your message more memorable, more relatable, and...

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