9 StandOut Workouts — Transformed for the Virtual World

60 to 90 Minute Options. Build the Perfect Set for Your Team.

Running Productive Virtual Meetings

Sick of getting nothing done during a meeting.  Use our proprietary model to help spent less time in meetings and get more done.

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Inspire Your Team to Overcome Change

To be a great communicator you need to have the right attitude. How do we find the motivation and actual tools to overcome the challenges of today?  Hear Jimmy McGeehan’s personal story of trauma to triumph!

strategic storytelling

Strategic Storytelling

Audiences pay attention and remember stories before they remember facts and figures. Deliver stories throughout your presentation to persuade and influence your audience to take action.

delivering data virtually

Delivering Data

Are you presenting in meetings going through tons of data? Be more effective and bring that data to life with the StandOut tools.
change in a virtual world

Communicating Change in a Virtual World

Help you and your team ease anxiety around change and get past the fear. Work through current change with a systematic approach and present our best selves in times of change.

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Your Brand Gone Virtual

Your brand experience needs to captivate your audience no matter where they happen to be. Create and establish your brand in a virtual environment.


virtual meeting bootcamp

Virtual Presentation Bootcamp

Get up to speed fast using the delivery tools available using your company’s virtual platform and get your audience engaged!


better visuals fast

Better Visuals Fast

Using your current PowerPoint slides, apply the StandOut PowerPoint Guidelines and be amazed at how quickly you can make an even bigger impact on your audience.


Engaging Your Audience in a Virtual World

Does your audience have Zoom fatigue?  We will teach you how to actively and strategically engage your audience and get their buy-in.


See How Much We Pack into 60 – 90 Minutes

Build Your Own Workout Pack!

Combine two or three Workouts together to customize a solution for your team.