Living in Philadelphia, I hear a lot of, “Ugh, I am so bored of Tom Brady and the Patriots.”  Really?  You don’t enjoy watching an athlete who has devoted his whole life to being one of the best athletes there is?  An athlete who consistently performs and excels?  I never get tired of watching the ball soar down the field in less than 90 seconds to score when the clock is ticking down to win the game.

So, my fellow Philadelphians: please show some respect.

I want to be Tom Brady because he does the work, year after year after year and sometimes he wins and sometimes he doesn’t (Go Birds!). He is at the top of his game.  I want to do the work every day, every week, and every year, to get better and to be the best.

That is his secret weapon – he does the work to be great: https://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Culture/video/tom-brady-super-bowl-ready-60672267

And that is what we, as corporate athletes, have to do as well.  Great presenters work at it.  Not just for the big moments/presentations, but for all of those weekly presentations, those “status updates,” those sporadic check ins.  The presentations that aren’t the Super Bowl are the ones that get you to the Super Bowl.  Those smaller presentation opportunities get you to present in front of the C-Suite or any other Very Important Audience (VIA).

Tom Brady goes to the gym every day. He shows up on the field to get better every day.  He thinks about what he eats to perform at his best.  Do you show up every day determined to be better?  Determined to try harder?

We should all strive to be our best corporate athlete — put the work in everyday to be better, from our small presentation moments to our biggest ones.  If you are serious about being a better presenter, here is one thing you can do today to help you in that quest: StandOut Module #1.