I usually never start with the negative, but if you avoid these four mistakes…watch your audience tune in.

1.Speakers Think It’s All About Them. A speaker should invest first in who their audience is and what their audience is focused on.  Ask: What do they care about?  What are their priorities?  Only then can you connect with your audience and link your content to what piques the audience’s interest.

2. Speakers Have Too Much Content. If you focus first on the needs of your audience then you will know that they do not want to hear EVERYTHING you know about the topic.  They only want to hear what is important to

3. Speakers Don’t Prepare. “I am better when I speak off the cuff.”  Trust me – you’re not.  You need a plan.  You may not have to practice the entire presentation (or the parts you’re especially familiar with).  But you should always practice your open and close, as well as any aspects that you are not as confident about.

4. Speakers Don’t Have Enough Fun. Your audience typically sits through multiple presentations a day.  And most of them are (dare I say) boring.  Why not add a little fun factor to your presentation.  No matter what the subject there is always room for a little fun.  It’s summer – shake it up!

Find success with one of these ideas at a time.   Once you feel that successful moment, rinse and repeat.

Final Tip: You don’t need a “big” presentation to apply these ideas.  A quick 10-minute update presentation will do just fine.

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