Think about your proudest presentation moment. How did it feel?

Early in my career, I caught the attention of senior management when I gave a 20-minute presentation at a regional sales meeting in front of 100 people. That presentation opened the door for so many opportunities: a promotion, a raise, more responsibilities – the list goes on. I’ve seen the positive outcomes from a great presentation countless times, and that is why I do what I do. I love helping people get attention, get buy-in, sell an idea, sell a product – accomplish their goal.

Whether for one person or 100, two minutes or 200 minutes, we see every opportunity to communicate your message, share your brand or sell an idea. At DBG, we help you learn to recognize these opportunities and take full advantage of them.

Nothing feels better than the rush of a successful presentation and your skyrocketing confidence. And nothing is more gratifying to us than helping someone build that confidence.

No matter the topic, it all comes down to the art of communicating. We’ve decided it’s time to start a new kind of communication for DBG, and are starting with this blog. Using social media, we hope to connect with new audiences while learning from other experts in our field to give our clients an even better experience. We’re looking forward to connecting – and can’t wait to help you have your best presentation moment yet!